REXSUPERSPORT was established in 2016 and is located at Lukut, Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. Since our operation we have attracted many domestic and also foreign customers. We also welcome agents from all states of Malaysia. Our motto is to promote better business relations and providing our customers with the best services we can offer and assure good qualities products. REXSUPERSPORT has achieved a solid reputation in Malaysia automotive market in price as well as range and quality of services we provide to our customers. We have our own workshop and showroom to perform our work and displaying our products.

REXSUPERSPORT specializes in providing carbon fibre parts and accessories for Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW cars. We also provide car painting service and also car insurance claims REXSUPERSPORT deals with genuine carbon parts in order to satisfy our clients’ standard requirements. With our experiences, we are able to help you in finding the right parts and save you time and trouble at the best cost. We also provide OEM & ODM Interior and exterior trims for many brands of vehicle such as, Germany and luxury super cars.

At REXSUPERSPORT, our management and employees are committed to ensure products and services are available, to provide superior customer service to meet our customer’s needs and also to utilize the latest technology and tools to perform our work. We will always evaluating our processes from time to time to overcome any problems on hands and to offer better solutions to customers.




REXSUPERSPORT are always here for you when you run into any problems for installation. Our team will provide professional installation instruction for you and your precious car, also solve any fitment problem for you!


REXSUPERSPORT value all customers no matter how big or small your order may be and you can rest assured that our level of service will never change.


In order to make our service as reasonably priced as possible, REXSUPERSPORT tends to cut all unnecessary business expenses.